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Gayness: A Gentlemans' Agreement Broken...?

I think most men (as Kinsey studies showed) have homosexual thoughts and feelings all the time, but have "come to understand" they not talk about such thoughts and certainly do not act upon them. It's okay nowadays to joke homosexually with your buddies (aka locker room talk: "You got someone pregnant with that thing? I'd've thought you'd've needed a turkey baster!"). However, once someone "takes it seriously" the either fun is all gone or it's on (more rarely) and in either case the relationship can and does get uncomfortable fast depending on the mindsets of those involved. It's just a gray area that men are not historically very honest about and women are more honest about (seeing them braid each other's hair, comment on each other's nice physical traits, and so forth) and men have too much pride to admit.

Many, like myself, live a live of repression from fear, later come out and live deliberately and expressively &q…