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Been Awhile! Hi!

I disappeared for a bit not because this topic is not on my mind, but because I had a major issue with the man I mentioned in a previous post. We got pretty close, but I screwed up and can't talk to him anymore. However, I am friends with another gay man (so far Platonic) and the two of them in my life together sort of threw me for a loop in different ways -- and they are related, which makes things even weirder.

It is easy, I think, for me to delude myself when I want a certain outcome. Easy to let things go I would ordinarily go apeshit over. I've found that this doesn't guarantee the outcome I want and may actually destroy my goals. I push too hard, and I pushed too hard for friends. At first I thought I had several, now I'm down to one from the McD's crew, and he is only related to someone who worked there.

NOTE: A Baha'i told me I should watch my language here, and I thought about it, but honestly his reasoning that people in Iran would point at me and say …