Sexual Diversity Exists

I think it has a natural function, homosexuality, bisexuality -- so that some men and some women aren't kind of controlled by the other sex' advances, etc., it keeps us on our toes.

How could anything human be black or white, anyway? That in itself would be unnatural.

Women are more honest about it {oh my God those shoes are so cute! I love your hair!"). But with many "straight" men who are NOT total zeroes on the Kinsey Scale are just lying their asses off, as I mentioned in my earlier post, only the sore thumbs likre myself who really want nothing to do with women stick out. And some of those Kinsey 2s or higher and 3s that are perhaps jealous have even killed people [e.g. Matthew Shepard] in the levels of hostility towards two men buggering each other when adultery is worse and sex outside of marriage is just as bad and results in children people aren't ready for and/or don't want. And, worse, celebrating lesbian porn while doing so.

What a world.


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