Eye Contact: The Look

An old friend told me when I got mad at him I’d give him “the look,” which my current roommate confirms (“You should look in a mirror sometime!). essentially a . You know that there are some connections that people make with the eyes that are more powerful than anything else in life. Eye contact can reach to your groin across distance, or convey destructive hatred. While various cultures have varying degrees of eye contact, they all have some form of it. I think “poker face” should probably be “poker eyes”… it’s not the gambler’s nose, in particular, although to a smaller degree the mouth could betray something, but it’s the eyes that connect people. Imagine interacting with everyone on earth never ever looking someone in the eyes again – it’s that important and I’ve been trying to get control of mine so I don’t hurt people’s feelings – I’ve been told I have a very “expressive face” … if I’m pissed at you, you’ll know it when you look at me.

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