Defending The Faith ... Again [And Women & the Universal House of Justice]

You tell me you don't see people in the LGBT community who are obsessed with sex. How about the airline attendant who fucked people all over the country and spread HIV deliberately, you think he's spiritually condemned? There are levels of sin. Shacking up with another dude isn't [much] different than shacking up with a woman. Being legally married and being public about it will get voting rights removed. Have two bedrooms, be quiet about it, and move on with your life.

Try Saudi Arabia. You think THAT country is going to immediately say, "Oh, hey! Women can't drive here and have to cover their faces, in Iran their word is worth half of a man's -- it may be better to have all men for the time being just to avoid that potential reason for nations not to join the agreement of peace between all nations, what we call the Lesser Peace. The Greater Peace would be a Baha'i world commonwealth of nations. The UHoJ can change its laws at any time and allow women.

On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 3:26 PM, !!!!! wrote:
What are the nations that where led by women and failed or had problems?

I'm pretty sure Shoghi effendi used words"spiritually condemned" &" shameful sexual aberration" & " distortion" and "disability" and " " handicap" ... this vocabulary is all over bahai writings..... unless I was given the wrong information by the Baha'i people here in mtl.. 

"Getting lost in wilderness of desires" is well put but those are not the words used by your "prophet"

To be fair ..... The Baha'i community has to take responsibility for the violence in the words used to describe LGBT people. 


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