Another Response To A Reader

Another response my original article of the standard "this Faith seems like it's for me but it doesn't accept gay marriage" hue:

Baha'is believe, and science has proven, that sexuality is diverse and can afflict some unfortunate desires upon some people, and worse it's to varying degrees, so only those people who truly feel they can't be with the opposite sex "stick out" in our society when sexuality is much more diverse than that -- how can it not be as diverse as every other human trait is? And how can it not be capable of being screwed up, like every other human trait is?

The only real difference between say pedophilia and homosexuality is being attracted to adults, which makes it legal. Legality doesn't make it useful to mankind in a way that would mean marrying two people of the same sex. I think it's great that it's legal by law so that acceptance of us as people, but marriage is and always was to keep straight inheritance and gay couples don't have kids unless they had them from heterosexual means. 

The Faith began in 1840 and just because US law changes because in America two adults can do whatever they want together legally sexually doesn't mean that a now 174 year-old Faith should try and change what Baha'u'llah said. He asked us not to "get lost in the wilderness of our desires" and such is my and your son's affliction that having been raised in an oversexed and secular society that just has made matters worse for us -- I think God has much mercy, but Baha'is don't marry gay Baha'is. If a gay Baha'i couple was reported to their local assembly they would lose their voting and pilgrimage rights, I believe, but could get them back if they moved apart.

Sorry I don't have a happier answer. I personally have a lot of problems dealing with my sexuality, but I'm not 100 percent celibate and will likely get a boyfriend and just have two rooms and lie about it, which is enough to shut up any assembly as we aren't allowed to peer through windows, etc. Gay sex is just sex outside of marriage, so it isn't even to the level of adultery in my view, although I'm paraphrasing the writings. Straights are also immoral left and right in this society -- moving in together and having kids before if ever getting married -- and this is now normal. That behavior is not considered appropriate for Baha'is and neither is gay sex or marriage.


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