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Homosexuality: Faith Versus Legality

Although I don't think two Baha'is of the same gender should marry, at the same time I support the rights of non-Baha'is to do so because it will allow people to define their own families at a time in our society when they need to and at the same time promote the destruction of the prejudice constantly slung at us from all sides.

Defending The Faith ... Again [And Women & the Universal House of Justice]

You tell me you don't see people in the LGBT community who are obsessed with sex. How about the airline attendant who fucked people all over the country and spread HIV deliberately, you think he's spiritually condemned? There are levels of sin. Shacking up with another dude isn't [much] different than shacking up with a woman. Being legally married and being public about it will get voting rights removed. Have two bedrooms, be quiet about it, and move on with your life.

Try Saudi Arabia. You think THAT country is going to immediately say, "Oh, hey! Women can't drive here and have to cover their faces, in Iran their word is worth half of a man's -- it may be better to have all men for the time being just to avoid that potential reason for nations not to join the agreement of peace between all nations, what we call the Lesser Peace. The Greater Peace would be a Baha'i world commonwealth of nations. The UHoJ can change its laws at any time and allow women.

A Real Man?

The first time I saw a flagrantly (obviously) gay man using tools to make something, I was shocked. Gays use tools? Who did he think he was, a man?

That's what I think of myself, too.


I should apologize for being morose in some posts. This blog is about me dealing with what I consider an affliction of an abnormal sexuality preference that I can do nothing about. Nothing can take it from me. It's like being born blind, but to the opposite sex, not to sight. So says science, so says the Faith.

Some Baha'is want to be considered different, which is not what the Faith is about. We're about unity.

U.S. law will help Americans accept that gays exist and can't be altered or discriminated against. That's a good thing. Baha'is will never marry gays and married gays will lose their voting rights and pilgrimage rights if they don't divorce ultimately.

I have the choice between living a life I want with another man and being honest about it and losing my rights (not doing this now or I wouldn't be so bloody lonely, at least), lying about it and just moving on, or living celibate. Shitty choices.

Another Response To A Reader

Another response my original article of the standard "this Faith seems like it's for me but it doesn't accept gay marriage" hue:

Baha'is believe, and science has proven, that sexuality is diverse and can afflict some unfortunate desires upon some people, and worse it's to varying degrees, so only those people who truly feel they can't be with the opposite sex "stick out" in our society when sexuality is much more diverse than that -- how can it not be as diverse as every other human trait is? And how can it not be capable of being screwed up, like every other human trait is?

The only real difference between say pedophilia and homosexuality is being attracted to adults, which makes it legal. Legality doesn't make it useful to mankind in a way that would mean marrying two people of the same sex. I think it's great that it's legal by law so that acceptance of us as people, but marriage is and always was to keep straight inher…