What do you think about eye contact? Do you get it powerfully only from the opposite sex? When I look in someone's eyes, sometimes I can feel/see a powerful connection regardless of their sexuality. Children must at least stare at you; they do it to me and I stare back and widen my eyes maniacally and they love it.

Eye connection is very powerful -- kids download info from their parents using it, according to Dr. Pat Romano-McGraw's It's Not Your Fault: How Healing Relationships Change Your Brain And Help Overcome A Painful Past -- I highly recommend read it if you haven't.

Anyhow, I call it "lightning," and I'm getting it with this guy; we stared at each other over the restaurant for a few seconds and I had to break so he wouldn't think I was in love with him. He has blue/green eyes (I asked which, he said "both, with some gold"), beautiful long lashes, and he's got a girlfriend and stepson in addition to being clearly straight -- in addition to being so young, I couldn't hit on him.

I love working with him, though. We work in the McDonald's grill; I affectionately call myself his "Biscuit Bitch" because I have to run warm biscuits to him at times and he laughs. Again, I don't hit on him.

I haven't admitted to being anything at work sexuality-wise and I don't really plan on it, but I'm sure it'll come out that I like men. People want to know what you're doing with your junk -- it's universal; the Spanish ladies are already giggling because I don't have kids. "No ninos?!" No, no kids. Thanks for rubbing salt in the wounds, as I love kids, but I don't want a woman being second-place in my life and always lacking something because she's female, keeping her only for my own baby machine by lying to her or just not quite telling the truth -- I'd just rather not have kids and so here I am.

Whew! Thoughts anyone?


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