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ZombiU Hardcore Initial Unorganized FAQ

    • R+pushing right control button in will turn you around and shove whatever is on your back away
    • If you are pressing the ZR button already when it needs to come into play, such as when you need to hit it for virucide to save your life, you have to take your finger off the button and hit it again, you can't just keep it down.
    • When the game warns you that you will start the ending of the ZombiU sequence, you can still leave, die, and so forth. The game will warn you every time you take that lift. There is even a manhole in there. However, your manhole shortcuts will disappear after you get back to the doc's lab, and that's why it warns you: your mobility takes a nosedive fast. Further, the bunker becomes much more difficult to navigate and zombies are freely roaming.
    • If you're disoriented and you know someone is after you, run for the nearest open corner, hit R +hold down the right control button to push in case one of them is behind you. In a corner, you know for a fact no one is behind you or to your peripheral left or right.
    • When a zombie is prone on the ground, it's vulnerable to immediate death via a ZR smash.
    • The empty box and empty garbage bin right near the ladder on the way to the supermarket, just outside the manhole, will later have very cool stuff in them, including molotov cocktails, flares, and sometimes guns. Typically if the box is empty, the bin will have more and vice versa.
    • When fighting with the cricket bat, Always keep your aim ZL button up, use R control stick to move with and circle them if possible in such fashion that you can see other zombies coming.
    • If you need help and space while aiming and a single zombie is coming at you, back up while aiming instead of just standing there; make sure you have some room behind you, not a wall.
    • Crawling zombies will crawl after you until the ends of the earth if they can. Beware.
    • Turn the sound off and listen to music sometime, just to get used to going by visual cues more. You'll be surprised how it changes your perspective, and the more perspective you have, the better you'll play. Only listen to music when you know the level by heart; turn it off when you get into new or freaky territory.
    • If you hit ZR in time, don't let it go -- it will take care of the killing for you, even if the zombie appears to be getting up, as long as you hit the button in time.
    • Any time a zombie is climbing over something, you can bash the hell out of it, make it fall to the ground, and kill it with ZR in one shot.
    • When a zombie is prone on the ground, moving towards the head is the only way to get the ZR option to appear; you cannot ZR kill a zombie's feet, essentially.
    • Even if you feel comfortable you'll win against an individual zombie, stand back a bit. One missed button and if you're too close they can reach in and take you in a second, especially before you get the virucide.
    • Put a medpack in a holster so you can hit it while running.
    • When a zombie is propped in a sitting position, a couple hits and a ZR smash will kill it.
    • Survival Mode is the real game; leveling up, using multiple guns, etc. You also need to not take certain things for granted.
    • You won't get ammo for weapons you haven't gotten yet.
    • Try to tempt zombies into single-handed combat by not using your light and backing way up when you attract one's attention. You're less likely to tag several at a time and can save a ton of ammo by killing them individually with the cricket bat one by one.
    • Practice using the flashlight and the manual radar without looking at the pad. The former you can feel because it is in the upper left corner of the game pad and the latter you can feel because it is in the bottom right (until your pad is updated, that is). You only need to look down if you hear a beep and if you don't see the source of the beep on your screen already.
    • Analyze everything once you get rolling; in Survival Mode, once you analyze something it's analyzed until you die; in Standard Mode you have to re-analyze everything after each death.FOUND THIS TO BE UNTRUE
    • Analyze everything in a large area before entering so you know where everything is.
    • Infected that are listed as Negative, having no items, are marked with red arrows/dots because they may not be dead. Being aware of their position helps. Actually looting them confirms they're dead. Zombies that are obviously dead, such as those that have been burned to death, won't have red dots/arrows unless they have loot.
    • You cannot loot an undead zombie, and if you try you'll fail and it's because it isn't dead and is about to wake up and attack you -- kill it quickly, then loot it.
    • If attacked, back up and run to a place you know to be clear. Close doors behind you and keep running.
    • If you can sneak up behind a zombie, shove it forward and try a second time if it has room in front of it to push it to the ground; after it's on the ground go around to its head and look for the ZR "kill" on the screen; if it doesn't appear the zombie is either getting up or dead. Approaching from the side can help, too, making sure it's off balance.
    • Watch the trailer on Uplay, it gives you more information than playing than the game does!
    • If you try an run immediately after the character stops for breath, he'll stop for breath again almost immediately; you have to give him a brief respite or you won't run far.
    • Try to get single zombies up against a wall or car so you don't have to chase them, but be very aware of your surroundings.
    • Be sure to approach crawling zombies carefully, aim down, and wait for the "ZR Kill" message. Otherwise, they will grab your leg and bite you.
    • Hanging zombies can be killed and brought to the floor for looting by bashing them with the cricket bat (quieter option) or by shooting their heads (louder option). They cannot hurt you.
    • Keep your light OFF by default, not ON. Turn it off in well-lit areas.
    • Save yourself from getting disoriented when scanning with the gamepad by releasing ZL while looking in the direction you need to go next.
    • Two mines and the spray paint can are in a standup locker in the room with the manhole next to the save point in the Safe House.
    • When dragging and dropping from your holsters to holsters, make sure to tap and hold for a second, drag, listen for the second "ding" sound before dropping or the drop will fail.
    • You cannot drop something onto the equipped weapon; unequip it to move it.
    • Stand as far away from zombies as possible in close combat or they can jump you quickly; in Survival Mode you have to be extremely careful, especially before getting the virucide shot.
    • Just keep the ZL button down as you're fighting. It doesn't interfere with the ZR button in any way.
    • In Survival Mode in particular, never ever be low on health. Ever. Halfway dead or less is unacceptable.
    • Learn to always PUSH first, hit second.
    • There is rarely any reason to turn more than 45 degrees with the L control stick; use R.
    • Do not reload in the middle of a fight without a place to run.
    • When you are fighting a stationary zombie, such as one against the wall, keep ZL down and use the right control stick to adjust your targeting while constantly tapping ZR so you're always hitting the head and don't get off target.
    • Start killing with your favorite gun ASAP so you can start leveling up on it.  Hanging zombies don't count, use your bat on them.
    • The game will provide you with ammo, sometimes, when you have none, in dead bodies or by killing zombies with your cricket bat.
    • Until you beat the game and don't suck, just upgrade your pistol.
    • Always hit Y to reload after shooting. Doing so will prevent you from realizing you're out of bullets just as a zombie is about to bite you.
    • If you see a zombie coming at you from the other side of a "Cross Over" location and one is behind you, too, wait just until the zombie is crossing over and then do so yourself, they have to cross back over before hitting you.
    • Zombies can be killed while crawling over things pretty easily with the cricket bat.
    • When putting a mine in front of a door, first put up planks, if possible. Place the and leave enough room for the door to swing open or the door will hit the mine and no zombies will die. This way, all zombies that were following you will be at the door banging on it, grouped right together so they all die horribly when they finally get in and the mine goes off.
    • It's not a good idea to use a mine in close quarters; you can easily trigger it yourself, especially if a zombie is on you and you're nervous!
    • Take only what you need with you to a mission or you won't be able to pick up items.
    • You can access the dropbox as soon as you get back from the supermarket and get the keycard to get out of the safehouse. The first upgrade is here and if you cruise back, drop off a few items, and upgrade your weapon you'll be able to collect more items and have an upgraded weapon to work with.
    • The game seems more generous with items if your bag is nearly empty, or empty.
    • If you have the choice between taking a loot item (say a flare) and an environment item (a flare sitting in a box), take the loot item, or at least drop it -- zombie corpses disappear, taking their items with them, dropped items hang out until you leave the level.
    • Be careful when taking items out of loot boxes; sometimes (like the Lockpick item) they trigger new battles just by picking them up. Also, you can't put them back in the box, so if you take an item out and put it down somewhere and don't pick it up soon enough, it'll disappear; best to just leave them in the box until you're ready for them and then take them out.
    • During the mass slaughter, there are three items you can blow up; watch for multiple zombies to drop down and then blow them up. Two are barrels; one is a gas can. You can scout their location out before triggering the battle, or move them.
    • All the loot in the inner Safe House is always the same.
    • Sneak past the zombie next to the first key card both ways by crossing over at the end of the hallway.
    • Getting the BOB opens the storage box.
    • Briefing for fourth quest opens infected survivors. This is a bit confusing, because he mentions having an "idea" to go to the palace, but you have to get the mission brief of him saying essentially the same thing before you can get infected survivors.
    • Killing with ZR with zombies on the ground moves your body forward. Move back if you have multiple zombies coming via the ground or you'll move right into them.
    • Even if you have a better pistol, make sure your original pistol is full.
    • Spitters live longer when set aflame than regular zombies
    • If you try to grab loot from a zombie in the fire, even on the edge of the fire, you'll get burned.
    • Loot command is farther away from the target than the Virucide command, so back up if you don't see the Loot command.
    • Learn to use the crossbow as much as you can to save a lot of ammo. A well-targeted shot can be a single kill for zombies that would ordinarily take multiple hits, but this is best used from a distance using the gamepad to target through your scope. Only works on armored zombies after the helmet is off, and by the time you get the helmet off with a still-living armored zombie, you probably cannot use the crossbow in time, and it takes multiple head shots in Survival Mode anyway.
    • In the swamp, you can take out several zombies on the island with a flare thrown from the edge of the island with the tent on it and then shooting the red-and-white barrels when the zombies are close to them.

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