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ZombiU Hardcore Initial Unorganized FAQ

R+pushing right control button in will turn you around and shove whatever is on your back awayIf you are pressing the ZR button already when it needs to come into play, such as when you need to hit it for virucide to save your life, you have to take your finger off the button and hit it again, you can't just keep it down.When the game warns you that you will start the ending of the ZombiU sequence, you can still leave, die, and so forth. The game will warn you every time you take that lift. There is even a manhole in there. However, your manhole shortcuts will disappear after you get back to the doc's lab, and that's why it warns you: your mobility takes a nosedive fast. Further, the bunker becomes much more difficult to navigate and zombies are freely roaming.If you're disoriented and you know someone is after you, run for the nearest open corner, hit R +hold…