Notes on "Super Mario 3D World"

Some pro, old school Mario fans might be interested in the following notes I took on this game.

  • To power up when in World 2 and beyond -- assuming you have no mushroom house easily available -- port back to World 1 via the map and visit levels 1 and 2 for cat suits and fire flowers, respectively.
  • The princess as a cat is the most powerful character in Mario history because she retains her ability to float.
  • You can now exit any level from the pause screen, but only with your feet on the ground. No more pausing and saving your life seconds before dropping into the abyss.
  • The game saves automatically after every level and even after even every mushroom house. Thusly:
    • Your only opportunity to "reset" after getting hosed by a mushroom house is to go to the Wii U Menu before leaving the mushroom house or the game will save the loss when you exit. Same goes for the golden train, although the houses and train do reappear after some time. 
    • If you lose a bunch of lives on one level, reset via Wii U Menu before defeating the level or those lives are history after it saves.
  • A couple notes on the slot machine-like game:
    • You can get cherries in the by tapping the button just as the leaf disappears from the box screen. If you tap too early you'll get the boomerang; if you tap too late you'll get the bell. I think. 
    • Four of anything, even cherries, gives you the same thing: 777 coins which is 8 lives. I haven't gotten four cherries yet to verify.
  • The new fifth character Rosalina is awesome. She jumps as high as Luigi and has a wand that acts essentially like the Tanooki tail. Sadly, with a power-up she loses the wand, although she does still jump high.
  • I have no idea why the cat bell you get late in the game looks different; it seems to me you turn into the same cat. 
  • Fashion notes:
    • Rosalina is the most gorgeous cat in the game, as a deep blue.
    • Both females walk very sultry as cats, just like girl cats do.
    • I believe the princess looks like she's being carried by the scruff of the neck while floating as a cat, but I could need to look closer.
    • The princess looks absolutely wretched in the Tanooki suit.
    • Toad looks like a blue kitten with a big head in the cat suit.


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