Been Awhile! Hi!

I disappeared for a bit not because this topic is not on my mind, but because I had a major issue with the man I mentioned in a previous post. We got pretty close, but I screwed up and can't talk to him anymore. However, I am friends with another gay man (so far Platonic) and the two of them in my life together sort of threw me for a loop in different ways -- and they are related, which makes things even weirder.

It is easy, I think, for me to delude myself when I want a certain outcome. Easy to let things go I would ordinarily go apeshit over. I've found that this doesn't guarantee the outcome I want and may actually destroy my goals. I push too hard, and I pushed too hard for friends. At first I thought I had several, now I'm down to one from the McD's crew, and he is only related to someone who worked there.

NOTE: A Baha'i told me I should watch my language here, and I thought about it, but honestly his reasoning that people in Iran would point at me and say …

Homosexuality For Balance In Nature

In nature, every prey has a predator, every predator has someone who can take it down. That is, I think, why nature requires homosexuality, so that men are not only predators but also, sometimes, prey. For balance. There can be no predator without a weakness in nature, and mens' understanding of what women go through on the part of men is predicated on their ability to be prey. There are only two genders, so you have to turn a gender on itself to get the effect.

Eye Contact: The Look

Sexual Diversity Exists

I think it has a natural function, homosexuality, bisexuality -- so that some men and some women aren't kind of controlled by the other sex' advances, etc., it keeps us on our toes.
How could anything human be black or white, anyway? That in itself would be unnatural.

Women are more honest about it {oh my God those shoes are so cute! I love your hair!"). But with many "straight" men who are NOT total zeroes on the Kinsey Scale are just lying their asses off, as I mentioned in my earlier post, only the sore thumbs likre myself who really want nothing to do with women stick out. And some of those Kinsey 2s or higher and 3s that are perhaps jealous have even killed people [e.g. Matthew Shepard] in the levels of hostility towards two men buggering each other when adultery is worse and sex outside of marriage is just as bad and results in children people aren't ready for and/or don't want. And, worse, celebrating lesbian porn while doing so.
What a world.

Proof Some "Straight" Men Lie: The Money Shot

"The money shot" refers to a man ejaculating in a porno scene. Straight porn must include this shot or be "boring." If "straight" men watch "straight" porn, which must include "the money shot" to make money, either a lot of men won't admit they want to see another man ejaculate or I'm insane.

Homosexuality: Faith Versus Legality

Although I don't think two Baha'is of the same gender should marry, at the same time I support the rights of non-Baha'is to do so because it will allow people to define their own families at a time in our society when they need to and at the same time promote the destruction of the prejudice constantly slung at us from all sides.

Defending The Faith ... Again [And Women & the Universal House of Justice]

You tell me you don't see people in the LGBT community who are obsessed with sex. How about the airline attendant who fucked people all over the country and spread HIV deliberately, you think he's spiritually condemned? There are levels of sin. Shacking up with another dude isn't [much] different than shacking up with a woman. Being legally married and being public about it will get voting rights removed. Have two bedrooms, be quiet about it, and move on with your life.

Try Saudi Arabia. You think THAT country is going to immediately say, "Oh, hey! Women can't drive here and have to cover their faces, in Iran their word is worth half of a man's -- it may be better to have all men for the time being just to avoid that potential reason for nations not to join the agreement of peace between all nations, what we call the Lesser Peace. The Greater Peace would be a Baha'i world commonwealth of nations. The UHoJ can change its laws at any time and allow women.